Christen und Cannabis.


Gefunden auf Amazon: “This book advances the discussion of Christian use of marijuana. For a long time, the church has suffered from insufficient answers on Christians smoking marijuana. Since the culture has accepted marijuana it is a new issue for the church and it needs to be handle directly instead of being ignored by the church. This book seeks to explain smoking marijuana from a theological perspective instead of the normal “yes” or “no” answers given by some pastors. This book gives an in-depth look at marijuana and an in-depth look at the Christian use of it.

Ob der gute Pastor, der das geschireben hat, selbst ein Stoner ist? Und wird endlich zugegeben, daß Jesus ein friedlicher Stoner war und nicht der Messias? Fragen über Fragen…

3 thoughts on “Christen und Cannabis.

  1. theres nothing wrong with caanabis, but if you abuse it or depend on it then it will hinder you from growing in Faith with Christ. you are not sinning by smoking, otherwise Jesus sinned when he drank wine. whats the difference between wine and cannabis? hardly anything, other than cannabis being more beneficial medically speaking. propaganda has blinded the world from seeing the truth and God has given us discernment to research and find out the truth, therefore is it a sin? no. can you smoke it? yes. should you depend on it or abuse it ? no. should you smoke if it causes you to stumble? no. you see how the question is about dependency rather than the act itself?
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